Art Obsession

Art Obsession

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

I am obsessed with art and could lose myself for days and days inside an art museum. When my son was young, this is how we would entertain ourselves. I remember once when we were looking at statues, which lose their appendages over time, and he asked if they didn't have genitalia 'back then' since this paticular anatomy had been lost to time on so many of the ancient specimens. I laughed until I cried at his innocent observation of the ravages of centuries.

Gravity is rough, my son, rough.

This poor Greek guy lost all his parts

Art sets the mood for a room. It is the essential finishing detail in every design I complete. I always love when we reach this personal part of each install and I get to go art shopping with clients!

Flavor Faves: Color

Flavor Faves: Assemblage

Made from Books
Made from Crayons
Clay, wire, fabric & found objects
Made from found objects

Flavor Faves: Sculptural

Flavor Faves: Black and White

Character boards from movie short by Cody Walzel

My personal taste in art runs the gamut from whimsical to dark. Art that is provocative and makes me feel something, stokes my curiosity or just makes my eyes happy with color is what I really love.

And that's how I encourage clients to choose art: to select original art that speaks to them personally, invokes an emotional reaction, and brings them joy.

Full Circle

Early in this post I mentioned that my son and I spent a lot of his young life obsessively exploring art museums. He went on to get an art degree from a college in New York, home to arguably some of the best art museums in the world. He has since found his life's passion and a career working as an animation artist. He currently works on the show Solar Opposites on Hulu. Obviously I'm super proud!

I'm not saying all that time in museums influenced his choice of careers, but who is to say it didn't?

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