Room in a Click: Boho Master

November 17, 2020
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Your Bedroom in Just One Click

We're busy adding more designs to make your life easier. This cozy Boho master bedroom and every item pictured can be yours in just one click. It's part of our [genius, if I do say so myself] new Room-in-a-Click service where we do all the leg work for you! We carefully design beautiful and unique spaces down to the last detail and then bundle them together, complete with all the shopping links, and then present everything to you in one package. You simply buy the design, then select the items you love through the shopping links. And here's the great part: we include alternatives in different sizes and colors in case the first options won't work in your space or for your taste. We even provide budget friendly selections to work into the design. You can truly customize the room to meet your exact specifications.

Alane Beard Boho Master Room in a Click2

Our Goal

Our goal is for you to have a designer space you adore without the hassle of endless searching or the cost of hiring a professional. We want to offer the options that work for you in just one click, and to help you curate your Boho vision by providing tips and suggestions for staying true to that style. We want to be your go-to resource guide.


Vision board with shopping links and pro tips straight to your inbox

Alane Beard Boho Master Room in a Click3

It's So Easy

  • Select the vision board you love
  • Purchase the design
  • Get all the shopping links to complete your room
  • Purchase the items that work in your space
  • Includes measuring guide
  • Includes paint colors
  • Includes pro installation tips & recommendations
  • Budget friendly options included!
  • Need more help? Add 1 hour Design consultation at checkout

Your Boho Master is just one click away!

Our online store is always OPEN

October 28, 2020
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Have you checked it out?

Eclectic and Curated, Vintage to Modern

Every item in our store is carefully selected because we love some detail about it. We try to choose interesting, colorful, playful statement pieces that add charm to your home and make it just as unique as you are.

"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love."

-Nate Berkus

Eclectic Design

Some of our staff faves...

Which piece is your favorite? Which piece made you smile?

Don't forget the holidays are coming. Everybody loves great new house stuff! Time to get a jump start.

Happy Shopping!

It’s Fall, Y’all!

October 25, 2020
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Autumn has Arrived

It's Fall, Y'all! And just like that, it's upon us. As often happens in Texas, fall came suddenly this year. I can't believe just last weekend we were out at the ranch enjoying rare 75-degree Texas days at the Ranch Party, and now suddenly it's chilly this week.

Time to bring out all the comfy, cozy stuff and snuggle up with loved ones. I ADORE this time of year!

I've thrown together a few of my favorite items to help you create the perfect day in front of the fire, reading your favorite book, before you go take a long walk In the falling leaves. SWOON! What a perfect autumn day.

Check it out!

Original oil painting and lighting with beautiful patina

Mindi wood sculptural side table and snuggly Mohair throw

Handwoven textured pouf and a giant Australian sheepskin rug

Of course I couldn't resist adding two final things I love.

I have this book and I'm smitten with it. Since we're going to build a modern cabin out at the ranch one day, I'm obsessed with all things cabin-related. This book is awesome. Also, check out one of my favorite Dallas based architects, Bentley Tibbs. Not only is he super talented, he's also just a great guy to work with.

And my very last Fall, Y'all thing is this adorable mug for your warm beverage. Some of you might think it reads P-U-M-P-K-I-N, but those of us from the South know that's actually pronounced "pun'kin" and can refer to an orange winter squash, pie filling, or to a person you love.

Happy Fall, Y'all! Stay cozy, my friends!

#livingthislife #comfycozy #autumnawesomeness #punkintime

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Let's get cozy!

Living this [Ranch] Life!

October 21, 2020
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You guys know I'm all about LIVING THIS LIFE and making the most of every moment, which hasn't been terribly easy this crazy, crazy year. Dear Lord baby Jesus knows we've had to seek our peace and happiness wherever we could find it these last many months.

In church last weekend our pastor preached about the importance of connection and having the kind of friends who would "sit around your campfire with you". I am so very thankful to say I have a great freinds who will both sit around my campfire with me, and also dance in the moonlight with me! What would I do without these wonderful people?

Since we so love our staycations at the ranch, we decided we should share our joy with our pals and host the first ever #wingsout #bootson #danceinthemoonlight

Ranch Party!

Alane Beard Design Ranch Party-
Friends in Low Places

Every year in Fall I travel with my dear friend, Christy, on a grand junkin' adventure in search of vintage treasure for my home and for my shop. We love the change of seasons and we love leaf peepin'! Since junkin' hasn't really been an option this year, it was awesome to get my fall fix with Christy at the ranch party instead. It was nice to be away from Dallas enjoying the countryside with our WINGS OUT and our BOOTS ON!

We had a firepit

and puppies

and dancing!

Alane Beard Design Ranch Life Vintage Tabletop

Of course we had to eat BBQ. I mean, we were on a ranch in Texas after all! But I couldn't resist using mismatched vintage melamine dinner plates and midcentury flatware with wooden handles. I added some vintage cloth napkins from Etsy, a burlap table cloth topped with a cheap old scarf from a London junk shop, along with vintage gold anodized aluminum tumblers. And the wildflowers in the vase as well as the citrus fruit filling the bowl in the middle came from our very own Flying Dragon Bitter Orange trees that grow everywhere on the property. They smell heavenly!!!

Alane Beard Design Ranch Party Enchanted Tree Day

Enchanted Tree in Daylight

It's magical here! But wait 'til you see it at dusk.

Living this [Ranch] Life!

Alane Beard Design Ranch Life - Enchanted Tree at Dusk

Enchanted Tree by Candlelight

This is Our Happy Place!

Crowd  Favorites - Shop the Look

Everyone went nuts over these multi-purpose stump stools (a best seller in my store). We used them for foot stools, side tables, extra seating, even for tiny snack tables when lounging on the rugs.

We tossed down a tarp and then added rugs & pillows on top. Everyone lounged on these when we played cards and enjoyed the sounds of the country night.

It got a bit chilly after the sun went down and these super soft Alpaca throws were the perfect weight to keep us all cozy by the fire!

All in all it was a great weekend living this ranch life with great friends and family I love dearly! Can't wait to do it again!


By the way, most of the photo credit here goes to my uber talented daughter, who happens to be a photographer, Ainsley Beard. Aren't I lucky?

Want to host your own party?

We can help make it fabulous!

Room in a Click: Nursery

October 8, 2020
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Nursery Vision Board

I'm really proud to offer three tiers of Design services to fit different budgets and different levels of involvement, tailored to my clients' needs. I want to move away from the old school model of design, and to honor my belief that...


Additionally, when we designed my new website, I knew it was time to add an online option for clients. Thus, my eDesign site was born! But I wanted to make it even easier than that for busy clients.


Introducing Room in a Click!

It's so EASY!

  • Pick the vision board you love
  • Purchase the design
  • Get all the shopping links to complete your room
  • Purchase the items that work for your space
  • Includes measuring guide
  • Includes paint colors
  • Includes pro installation tips & recommendations
  • Includes wallpaper calculator
  • Budget friendly options included!
  • Need more help? Add 1 hour design consultation at checkout

Room-in-a-Click Options and Alternatives

Alane Beard Design Room-in-a-Click Nursery Selections with options

You'll get shop links for each product pictured in the Vision Board, plus more! I've included extras like paint colors, art, safety, bedding, diaper needs and toys. I've also included selection alternatives in different colors or sizes so you can pick pieces that work best for your specific space,  taste and budget.

Room in a Click Shop Links

Your designer Black and White Nursery is just a click away!

Need more help? Add a 1 hour Design Consultation at checkout for a one-on-one with the designer.

Plano Bathroom Remodel

September 24, 2020
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I'll share more of this remodel project later, but wanted to do a quick post to show how we made use of some found space in the wall.

Like most homes in Plano, Texas built about 25 years ago, this house was very builder-grade meh, complete with standard issue medicine cabinet. Gross, right? Our initial plan was to remove it and drywall over the hole. But then we discovered there was a LOT of useful space behind the wall. (WHY didn't they make of use it to start with???? No idea!)

Anyway, we decided to take advange of all the space and make built-in useful storage. The before and after process is in the video below. Enjoy!

#bathroomremodel #planotexas #bathroomrenovation #bathroominspo #bathroomreno #newbathroom #bathroomdesign #bathroomremodeling #bathroomdesigner

Color Changes Everything

September 18, 2020
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Spoiler Alert!

I'm about to start a project using a bold Sherwin Williams paint color that's going to be JAZZY!

It reminded me of one of my favorite things SW has ever done. They added a DIY tutorial on how to take a boring, bland piece of furniture and paint it in a million different ways to suit your personal style and make it AMAZING. Bravo, Sherwin Williams, bravo! Five stars! If you follow me, you  know color always gets my vote!

Alane Beard Design Color Changes Everything Text Block

If you are so inclined and like to paint, definitely check out the Color Remix page on Sherwin Williams and be inspired!

Alane Beard Design Color Changes Everything SW Example

If you're like me and you like repurposing old junk into cool new stuff - in this case an old sewing table just like your grandma used to own - have it lacquered and dip each leg in a different color to a different level. Presto chango! A brand new custom piece.

Alane Beard Design Color Changes Everything Table Makeover

If you'd prefer to buy your pieces already painted, no problem. I have lots of great options, new and vintage, in the store. Two great options are below. You can choose the color you love most.

I could never end a discussion on color without mentioning one of my design inspirations: Tony Baratta. I've loved his iconic, wildly colored interiors for years. And, he recently released a new book!

Tony knows, Color Changes Everything

Paint happy, friends!

Staycation Series – Day 2 – The Ranch

September 10, 2020
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The Ranch

We own some as yet undeveloped ranch land in East Texas. It's very secluded and peaceful and one day soon we'll build my modernized vision of a dogtrot cabin here with floor to ceiling windows everywhere to take in those glorious views.

But while the cows are still in charge, we love going out for a staycation. Well, technically, we go for a daycation. We drive out for the day to enjoy a picnic, pick blackberries and wildflowers, and a hike down to the creek. It's truly delightful and one place where I can fully extend my wings.

Since we didn't go on vacation this year, I decided it was definitely worth investing vacay money on a few items to make our trips out to the ranch more luxurious. If you're going to picnic with cows, do it in style!


Boutique Camping The Oxford Bell Tent 4m - Grey2

This zips into a regular tent too, but for a daycation, why not take advantage of the shade and enjoy a little nature in the open air?

Shop the Look

Gotta have some comfy staycation furniture on which to relax the day away


Throw down a couple of indoor/outdoor rugs and lots and lots of pillows in case you want to lounge on the tent floor and read a good book

Add a multi functional stool and lots of lanterns for lighting when the sun sinks low

Complete the look with a couple of festive touches just to make it feel like a party

Fill this birdhouse with battery powered candles and hang it from the center pole inside the tent

Don't forget to take a vase to hold the all the wildflowers you pick! And maybe bring along a battery operated fan in case it gets as hot where you live as it does here in Texas.

Heck, this little staycation might actually turn out to be more relaxing than any official vacation. And the cows never make you wait in line at security!

#livingthislife #staycation #homeoasis #notravelnoworries #ranchstaycation

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Staycation Series – Day 1 – English Countryside

September 9, 2020
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I'm normally a big traveler and usually take at least 3-4 trips each year. And I love that opportunity to hunt for unique and interesting items to add to my home or pick up for clients to create the curated look I'm always preaching about.

But....obviously that's not an option this year so I'm getting creative. I'm taking this week to have a new STAYCATION with each post and add fun new details that way instead.

Inspiration: English Countryside

Isn't the idea of taking a long walk in the open, fresh air of the English countryside so refreshing? I'd love to get away from everything right now and just listen to the birds sing!

This intricate steamer trunk, showcasing Morris & Co.s most iconic pattern, Strawberry Thief, was inspired by the birds that would fly in and steal fruit right out of William Morris’ garden at his home at Kelmscott Manor (pictured above). His manor, by the way, is currently undergoing major renovations. In case you're interested, learn more here. It will be just like you were there on tour!

Inspiration: Ernest Hemingway's Travels
EH 542T  Ernest and Mary Hemingway on safari in Africa, 1953-1954.  Photograph in the Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

Great veranda for a staycation!

Hemingway veranda

Ernest Hemingway traveled the world writing and having adventures in places like Africa, France, Italy, Canada, Cuba and the Carribean. But he made one of his homes in this house in Key West, Florida. I think I could "suffer" through a staycation there.

I definitely have to include this chair and this wallpaper in my Ernest Hemingway inspired staycation home. The chair might have been picked up in Africa and the wallpaper could be from Cuba or anywhere in the Carribean, or perhaps maybe someplace closer in Key West.

Wherever these items came from, I'm feeling the relaxation of staycation already...

#livingthislife #staycation #getaway #escape #vacationathome #homeoasis

One Room, Two Ways: #2

September 5, 2020
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The second version of this room is inspired by a relaxation spa trip my daughter and I take every year to the mountains of New Mexico.  We just love the colors and textures of the desert, and the natural materials of the decor there.

Second Option: High Desert

Alane Beard Design High Desert Styling

The existing walls are Benjamin Moore Danville Tan HC-91, and I would keep those the same. My inspiration pieces are two I love from Lulu and Georgia.

Finally, I mixed in a natural, woven, and weather-beaten items that create a handmade and time worn feel. The overall effect is warm and inviting.

Shop the Look

You can see how this look is completely different than option one, Citrus Pop. Which do you prefer?

Don't be afraid to experiment with wildly different looks in your own home to see what works for you.

If you'd like more info or need fresh ideas, feel free to reach out. We'd love to help!

We Can Help!

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