Color Changes Everything

Spoiler Alert!

I'm about to start a project using a bold Sherwin Williams paint color that's going to be JAZZY!

It reminded me of one of my favorite things SW has ever done. They added a DIY tutorial on how to take a boring, bland piece of furniture and paint it in a million different ways to suit your personal style and make it AMAZING. Bravo, Sherwin Williams, bravo! Five stars! If you follow me, you  know color always gets my vote!

Alane Beard Design Color Changes Everything Text Block

If you are so inclined and like to paint, definitely check out the Color Remix page on Sherwin Williams and be inspired!

Alane Beard Design Color Changes Everything SW Example

If you're like me and you like repurposing old junk into cool new stuff - in this case an old sewing table just like your grandma used to own - have it lacquered and dip each leg in a different color to a different level. Presto chango! A brand new custom piece.

Alane Beard Design Color Changes Everything Table Makeover

If you'd prefer to buy your pieces already painted, no problem. I have lots of great options, new and vintage, in the store. Two great options are below. You can choose the color you love most.

I could never end a discussion on color without mentioning one of my design inspirations: Tony Baratta. I've loved his iconic, wildly colored interiors for years. And, he recently released a new book!

Tony knows, Color Changes Everything

Paint happy, friends!