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Determining your unique challenges and goals is our top priority. This translates into a design customized down to the last detail to fit your needs and budget.

Full Service Design

Project Management & Installation

Alane Beard wallpapers and paint selection

Creating cohesive, beautiful homes, rooms, and workspaces is our goal when it comes to our full service design services. Alane Beard can help you  with the completion of an entire home, multiple rooms, or a single room that requires special attention. We know that home is the most important place in the world and we take the time to oversee every detail of your project from start to finish. Let Alane Beard ensure you avoid expensive mistakes while making the entire process a fun and rewarding one.

Full Service Interior Design Packages include:

  • Full design plan
  • Presentation
  • Product research
  • Product ordering
  • Project scheduling and supervision
  • Installation and detail styling.

Projects may be phased into a room at a time or a group of rooms at a time, depending on your preference!

For structural renovations and new construction we work with you, your builder and / or your architect to create the unique space(s) that you imagined. Alane Beard can also provide full, turn-key service, where we bring in our own team of talented trades people so that all that’s left for you to do is make decor and design approvals and await your transformed space.

We offer Full Service Design and Installation in and around the major Texas markets of Dallas, Austin and Houston.

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