Houndstooth Season

Houndstooth Season

I've got a little thing for houndstooth. And since the weather got chilly here overnight, an odd event this early in Fall in Texas, I got all excited and started getting out all my houndstooth clothing in preparation for #houndstoothseason! Of course no one wore the vintage (my fave!) Magnolia Houndstooth and Feather coat as well as Blair Eadie at Atlantic-Pacific in this blog's feature image, but a gal can dream, right? Check out Blair's other looks on her site. She is so fabulous!

Anyhow, back to #houndstooth. This is one of my go-to patterns. It's black and white, which I love. It's classic so it never goes out of style. It comes in a variety of scales, big or little or in between, so it mixes with other patterns perfectly.



Large scale tile
Medium scale fabric
Small scale pillow

Before After

We rescued this homeowner's grandmother's fantastic, well-made, vintage sofa from the bowels of an old storage. Reupholstered it in a FAB houndstooth. LOVING IT!

ADB Vintage Sofa Before
ADB Vintage Sofa After

 Houndstooth upholstery fabric we're into this season

Houndstooth clothes we're into this season

It's Fall, y'all! Finally the start of Houndstooth season. Grab your hot chocolate and your cutest houndstooth skirt, throw on your boots and go pick out your pumpkins for your Fall vignette.

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