It’s Fall, Y’all!

Autumn has Arrived

It's Fall, Y'all! And just like that, it's upon us. As often happens in Texas, fall came suddenly this year. I can't believe just last weekend we were out at the ranch enjoying rare 75-degree Texas days at the Ranch Party, and now suddenly it's chilly this week.

Time to bring out all the comfy, cozy stuff and snuggle up with loved ones. I ADORE this time of year!

I've thrown together a few of my favorite items to help you create the perfect day in front of the fire, reading your favorite book, before you go take a long walk In the falling leaves. SWOON! What a perfect autumn day.

Check it out!

Original oil painting and lighting with beautiful patina

Mindi wood sculptural side table and snuggly Mohair throw

Handwoven textured pouf and a giant Australian sheepskin rug

Of course I couldn't resist adding two final things I love.

I have this book and I'm smitten with it. Since we're going to build a modern cabin out at the ranch one day, I'm obsessed with all things cabin-related. This book is awesome. Also, check out one of my favorite Dallas based architects, Bentley Tibbs. Not only is he super talented, he's also just a great guy to work with.

And my very last Fall, Y'all thing is this adorable mug for your warm beverage. Some of you might think it reads P-U-M-P-K-I-N, but those of us from the South know that's actually pronounced "pun'kin" and can refer to an orange winter squash, pie filling, or to a person you love.

Happy Fall, Y'all! Stay cozy, my friends!

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