Lights, Camera, Action!

In celebration of launching my brand new website [insert dancing and confetti here], I've decided to talk about one of my most favorite topics: HOT LIGHTS

If you've read anything else I've written before, you know one of my OBSESSIONS is fantastic and interesting lighting. It's like adding flowers to a beautifully frosted cake or the perfect jewelry to complete the perfect outfit. I truly believe it's the one finishing detail that makes a room!

Spoiler: eBook Coming

I'll go into more detail about lighting and my own step-by-step process for incorporating lighting in my upcoming eBook, but to summarize, I really think lighting is your chance to  show your FLAIR. Do it big! Do it bold! And please, PLEASE don't buy from a box store.

Here are a couple I carry in my store that I love.

Info Circle

Info Circle

Info Circle

So excited to launch my new website, and so glad you're here!

Now in addition to offering three tiers of design services, I'm also bringing you products I've carefully curated that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, including GREAT LIGHTING!


Need new lighting?

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