Living this [Ranch] Life!


You guys know I'm all about LIVING THIS LIFE and making the most of every moment, which hasn't been terribly easy this crazy, crazy year. Dear Lord baby Jesus knows we've had to seek our peace and happiness wherever we could find it these last many months.

In church last weekend our pastor preached about the importance of connection and having the kind of friends who would "sit around your campfire with you". I am so very thankful to say I have a great freinds who will both sit around my campfire with me, and also dance in the moonlight with me! What would I do without these wonderful people?

Since we so love our staycations at the ranch, we decided we should share our joy with our pals and host the first ever #wingsout #bootson #danceinthemoonlight

Ranch Party!

Alane Beard Design Ranch Party-
Friends in Low Places

Every year in Fall I travel with my dear friend, Christy, on a grand junkin' adventure in search of vintage treasure for my home and for my shop. We love the change of seasons and we love leaf peepin'! Since junkin' hasn't really been an option this year, it was awesome to get my fall fix with Christy at the ranch party instead. It was nice to be away from Dallas enjoying the countryside with our WINGS OUT and our BOOTS ON!

We had a firepit

and puppies

and dancing!

Alane Beard Design Ranch Life Vintage Tabletop

Of course we had to eat BBQ. I mean, we were on a ranch in Texas after all! But I couldn't resist using mismatched vintage melamine dinner plates and midcentury flatware with wooden handles. I added some vintage cloth napkins from Etsy, a burlap table cloth topped with a cheap old scarf from a London junk shop, along with vintage gold anodized aluminum tumblers. And the wildflowers in the vase as well as the citrus fruit filling the bowl in the middle came from our very own Flying Dragon Bitter Orange trees that grow everywhere on the property. They smell heavenly!!!

Alane Beard Design Ranch Party Enchanted Tree Day

Enchanted Tree in Daylight

It's magical here! But wait 'til you see it at dusk.

Living this [Ranch] Life!

Alane Beard Design Ranch Life - Enchanted Tree at Dusk

Enchanted Tree by Candlelight

This is Our Happy Place!

Crowd  Favorites - Shop the Look

Everyone went nuts over these multi-purpose stump stools (a best seller in my store). We used them for foot stools, side tables, extra seating, even for tiny snack tables when lounging on the rugs.

We tossed down a tarp and then added rugs & pillows on top. Everyone lounged on these when we played cards and enjoyed the sounds of the country night.

It got a bit chilly after the sun went down and these super soft Alpaca throws were the perfect weight to keep us all cozy by the fire!

All in all it was a great weekend living this ranch life with great friends and family I love dearly! Can't wait to do it again!


By the way, most of the photo credit here goes to my uber talented daughter, who happens to be a photographer, Ainsley Beard. Aren't I lucky?

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