Room in a Click: Boho Master

Your Bedroom in Just One Click

We're busy adding more designs to make your life easier. This cozy Boho master bedroom and every item pictured can be yours in just one click. It's part of our [genius, if I do say so myself] new Room-in-a-Click service where we do all the leg work for you! We carefully design beautiful and unique spaces down to the last detail and then bundle them together, complete with all the shopping links, and then present everything to you in one package. You simply buy the design, then select the items you love through the shopping links. And here's the great part: we include alternatives in different sizes and colors in case the first options won't work in your space or for your taste. We even provide budget friendly selections to work into the design. You can truly customize the room to meet your exact specifications.

Alane Beard Boho Master Room in a Click2

Our Goal

Our goal is for you to have a designer space you adore without the hassle of endless searching or the cost of hiring a professional. We want to offer the options that work for you in just one click, and to help you curate your Boho vision by providing tips and suggestions for staying true to that style. We want to be your go-to resource guide.


Vision board with shopping links and pro tips straight to your inbox

Alane Beard Boho Master Room in a Click3

It's So Easy

  • Select the vision board you love
  • Purchase the design
  • Get all the shopping links to complete your room
  • Purchase the items that work in your space
  • Includes measuring guide
  • Includes paint colors
  • Includes pro installation tips & recommendations
  • Budget friendly options included!
  • Need more help? Add 1 hour Design consultation at checkout

Your Boho Master is just one click away!