Room in a Click: Nursery

Nursery Vision Board

I'm really proud to offer three tiers of Design services to fit different budgets and different levels of involvement, tailored to my clients' needs. I want to move away from the old school model of design, and to honor my belief that...


Additionally, when we designed my new website, I knew it was time to add an online option for clients. Thus, my eDesign site was born! But I wanted to make it even easier than that for busy clients.


Introducing Room in a Click!

It's so EASY!

  • Pick the vision board you love
  • Purchase the design
  • Get all the shopping links to complete your room
  • Purchase the items that work for your space
  • Includes measuring guide
  • Includes paint colors
  • Includes pro installation tips & recommendations
  • Includes wallpaper calculator
  • Budget friendly options included!
  • Need more help? Add 1 hour design consultation at checkout

Room-in-a-Click Options and Alternatives

Alane Beard Design Room-in-a-Click Nursery Selections with options

You'll get shop links for each product pictured in the Vision Board, plus more! I've included extras like paint colors, art, safety, bedding, diaper needs and toys. I've also included selection alternatives in different colors or sizes so you can pick pieces that work best for your specific space,  taste and budget.

Room in a Click Shop Links

Your designer Black and White Nursery is just a click away!

Need more help? Add a 1 hour Design Consultation at checkout for a one-on-one with the designer.