Amazon She Sheds: A Room of Your Own by Erika Kotite

Create your very own hideaway for relaxing, crafting, reading, or just to have a private place just for you. She Sheds provides the instruction and inspiration.

They’ve got their man caves, and it’s time for you to have a space of your own. She Sheds shows you how to create cozy getaways with inspiration from across the country. You will start by defining the goal and purpose of your space. Will you use it for entertaining? Crafting? Alone time?

Then, use the gallery of over 100 photos as inspiration for your decor, paint colors, and landscaping. Construction ideas, as well as ideas for upcycling, and other green resources are at your disposal throughout so you may truly personalize your she shed. Get inspired, and get started on your very own tricked-out retreat!



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She shed. Hen hut. Lady lair. Call it what you want, the newest iteration of a woman’s private space often looks like a small-but-splendid room built in the backyard. She sheds are mushrooming everywhere in a wonderful array of sizes, styles, and uses. A she shed’s small footprint makes it easy to fit onto your property, affording a unique getaway for your creative pursuits—gardening, meditating, reading, painting, or simply hearing yourself think.

In this book, you’ll discover she sheds from around the world, exquisite in their uniqueness, all owned, designed, and enjoyed by women. Are you fantasizing about building your own she shed? Consider this a guidebook for gathering ideas and seeing how others brought their sheds to fruition. If, however, you just feel like entering the tiny homes in this book as enjoyment and fodder for your dreams, that’s fine too.Whatever your desire, you are welcome here.



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