1st Dibs Multi-Color Wool Leaf Rug by Marcantonio

Width: 56.3 in. (143 cm)Length: 124.81 in. (317 cm)

Multi-color wool leaf rug by Marcantonio is an elegant rug in a splash of colors with a playful shape to liven up any interior space.

For his debut creations, Marcantonio introduced “Vegetal Animal”, a concept that evokes strong emotions to represent Nature. What only began as an exclusive chair, turned into sculptural wonders that include everything from cabinets, chairs, sofas to rugs and lamps. The furniture borders on caricatures of animal and plant forms with solid glossy colors but he suggests an “elegant irony” with the use of brass, suede, premium wool, an chic color palette and meticulous inlay work. A collection with mystery, humour, originality and functionality at the heart of each creation.



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  • Materials and Techniques
  • Place of Origin
  • Period
    21st Century
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Production Type
    New & Custom

Estimated Production Time: 12-13 weeks

Care: Vaccuum clean when required.

Celebration of authenticity: Slight variations or imperfections are the marks of an artisan, a testament to the individuality, emotion and originality of each work of art. We assert our right to make meaningful qualitative changes.

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