Staycation Series – Day 2 – The Ranch

The Ranch

We own some as yet undeveloped ranch land in East Texas. It's very secluded and peaceful and one day soon we'll build my modernized vision of a dogtrot cabin here with floor to ceiling windows everywhere to take in those glorious views.

But while the cows are still in charge, we love going out for a staycation. Well, technically, we go for a daycation. We drive out for the day to enjoy a picnic, pick blackberries and wildflowers, and a hike down to the creek. It's truly delightful and one place where I can fully extend my wings.

Since we didn't go on vacation this year, I decided it was definitely worth investing vacay money on a few items to make our trips out to the ranch more luxurious. If you're going to picnic with cows, do it in style!


Boutique Camping The Oxford Bell Tent 4m - Grey2

This zips into a regular tent too, but for a daycation, why not take advantage of the shade and enjoy a little nature in the open air?

Shop the Look

Gotta have some comfy staycation furniture on which to relax the day away


Throw down a couple of indoor/outdoor rugs and lots and lots of pillows in case you want to lounge on the tent floor and read a good book

Add a multi functional stool and lots of lanterns for lighting when the sun sinks low

Complete the look with a couple of festive touches just to make it feel like a party

Fill this birdhouse with battery powered candles and hang it from the center pole inside the tent

Don't forget to take a vase to hold the all the wildflowers you pick! And maybe bring along a battery operated fan in case it gets as hot where you live as it does here in Texas.

Heck, this little staycation might actually turn out to be more relaxing than any official vacation. And the cows never make you wait in line at security!

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