From a Vision to Reality

Vision to Reality: My Life and Also a Room

Years before I officially became a designer, back when I was still in my first career and only doing projects on the side for friends and family, I watched design shows on TV like everyone else. I would envision myself on a show doing dramatic reveals for excited homeowners.

And then one day, it REALLY HAPPENED! This was one of the projects we featured on UnBoxed, and it's one of my favorites.

Here's the process from vision board to the finshed "WOW" living room for this Dallas family.

One of most stunning features of this room is the dramatic light installation. It looks custom and is very high impact grouped together, hung at different heights. And here's the secret: these are not expensive at all!

You can buy the light.

This is the vision board I created for the show to establish the mood and tone of the room with the furniture, art, rugs, and accessories we planned  to use.

I learned when filming, however, that you must have LOTS of extra staging items on hand (lots and lots!) and be prepared to change gears on the fly constantly when you're making a TV show. But just like when designing for my clients, having a clear vision for the room helps everyone stay focused when things get chaotic in a project.

Our vibe was globalism so we wanted to include pieces that looked collected during travels, but worked within the same neutral color palette. We imported a real Juju hat from Africa, a Buddha, Malaysian-inspired art, and Peruvian baskets to complete the look.

Before Unboxed Design
Before Unboxed Design

The 'Before' was unspired. We refinished the fireplace from ceiling to floor and moved the TV, created a cozy nook (LOVE THIS!), defined the seating area with layered rugs, added softness with curtains & pillows, added lots of global accessories, art, lighting and a few live plants.

After: Modern Globalism - Vision Fulfilled     

And so were my dreams.....

Nook After
After Behind Couch

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