Work & Study from Home

If you're like me and my friends and clients, balancing working from home while dealing with kids challenging, to say the least. It seems like we're always bumping into each other, and constantly competing for quiet space to work and take those Zoom meetings and classes.


I have a couple of ideas that have helped my family and my clients.

Work Study from Home Essentials
  • Organization is key
  • Mobility is a must
  • Utilize small spaces

In our house, we color-code everything, for fast and easy identification (and so my kids can't steal my stuff!!!!) It really streamlines processes. Everyone has their own color for file folders, chargers, desk accessories, etc. Life is soooo much easier this way.



In order to carve out a little privacy when we're all working on top of each other, our "office" needs to be mobile. I found this great rolling cart that conveniently holds hanging folders on the bottom and office supplies on the top. It's so handy! We've also adoped craft desks with great storage for working outside or from bed in our PJ's.

Hey! Gotta enjoy the perks too, right?


If you don't have an extra office space, or if your adults are already hogging all the home office space, carving out additional study areas for the kids might prove tricky. But this small desk and shelf is a terrific solution. Stick it in a nook. Take the door from a closet and create a cozy kid office. Find an unused end of a hallway. The compact size and wall mount is a great way to take advantage of tucked away vertical spaces.

And if that space doesn't happen to have an electrical outlet, no worries. This portable lamp/ pen and phone holder is rechargeable.


Not even joking. Sometimes I wear fantastic noise cancelling headphones. Yep. It's true. I PRETEND I need to hear something I'm watching, but sometimes I just listen to silence. These people are loud!

Don't judge me. Join me. They'll never know....